Tips for more orders on your webshop

Door Diego Nijboer gepost op January 4, 2022

The aspects that lead to more orders on a webshop have to do with:

  • User Experience (Making it as easy as possible to use the website and order something.)
  • Trust (If your website visitors don't trust the company or website, they won't place an order.)
  • Clarity in terms and conditions (A potential customer wants to know before he orders where he stands after he possibly buys something.)

Sales heading in the header menu

Our conversion optimization tests have shown that the conversion rate increases as soon as customers can access the offers via the menu.

Would you like to know more about conversion optimization? Read here what Conversion optimization is.

Encourage a review after purchase

Research has shown that 80% of people trust a review just as much as a personal recommendation from acquaintances or friends.

Reviews provide social proof and can help a potential customer make the decision to buy the product.

Warranty page

One of the things that gives confidence in the company and the website is a page that states what kind of warranty the customer has after buying a product.

Show recently viewed products below the product

According to the results of our useability test, it should be available on every page of the website so that the user can easily find previously viewed products.

Often a potential customer will look around for other products before they know what they want to buy.

The possibility to order quickly

The fewer steps it takes to make a purchase, the more people will buy the product.

It is best to give customers the option to order in one click.

Another way to help customers place an order faster is to offer the option to save the address so that it doesn't have to be re-entered for the next order.

Interesting offers

If you have promotions or offers, it is good to show them in several places on the website.

A wish list or save it for later functionality

If you have a website with registered customers, it is good to ensure that customers can save products for later. In this way you make it easy for the customer to find a product.

Show related products below the product

If the product has accessories, or additional components that can be purchased separately, you can list them in a "Related Products" or "Frequently Bought Together" box.

Show the delivery times & delivery costs clearly

Our test proves that the website delivery methods, delivery costs and delivery times ensure a good user experience.

The less the website visitor has to search for this, the better.

Are you curious about more general tips for website improvements? Download the website improvement checklist for free here!

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