6 Web Design Elements That Contribute To A Successful Website

1. Call to action elements

Customers are encouraged to engage with a company whenever there are call-to-action (CTAs) on the website. For example, words like "Contact us today" show that a company wants to build a relationship with its customers. However, businesses must ensure that the CTAs are relevant to a visitor's level of engagement with the business.

When visitors are just starting to learn more about a brand, the company may ask them to subscribe to the email newsletter, for example. On the other hand, loyal customers will likely want to participate in a brand's loyalty program. Whatever businesses want to achieve, they need to ensure that there is a call to action on all their web pages.

2. Short loading time

When people search for information on the Internet, they like the fact that the loading time is as fast as possible. Otherwise, they will leave the website immediately. By pre-testing their website, they can identify loading time issues, which can be addressed in time for the site's release.

Providing customers with a great user experience increases customer loyalty, so it's best to evaluate a site's load time the moment it's launched. With fast loading times, customers get the information they need when they need it. If a website doesn't perform well, it will be left behind by the competition.

3. An Active Blog

Through an active blog, customers can stay informed about the company's events and events, the latest products and other industry-related information. It's an effective way to keep in touch with them, especially if those things companies post encourage viewers to engage with their brand.

By regularly updating the blog, customers learn more about their brand's values and their willingness to encourage communication. When they deliver new, relevant and engaging content to users, their brand is recognized, making them an authority in the industry.

4. Clean, SEO Friendly Code

It is crucial for businesses to have clean, SEO-friendly code when creating new web pages or optimizing existing web pages. Improving a site's code can increase its overall return on investment (ROI). An SEO-friendly code gives a clear view of a site's content to guide the search engine spiders.

WordPress and other CMS services offer plugins that can make the process of improving search engine rankings and cleaning up code easier. Since WordPress does not require a lot of knowledge about coding, it is a viable solution for businesses struggling to drive traffic to their sites.

5. Compatibility with different web browsers

With the advancement of technology comes the steady growth of internet browsers. It can be challenging to keep up with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, just to name a few. When designing a website, it is a must to ensure that a website is accessible from different browsers.

A site should be properly registered on the major browsers and also on the older versions. Ignoring this important step can ignore a large percentage of a company's customer base. It can create unnecessary costs for a developing business.

6. Clear Navigation

When customers find it difficult to navigate a website, they will leave and move on to other sites. To make navigation more attractive and efficient, companies need to revise their site and see it in the eyes of a new visitor. They should only choose logical navigation flows. The moment a potential customer is looking for something on the website, the potential customer has to get there with as little frustration and clicks as possible.

Including a sitemap is an effective way to make it easier for visitors to navigate and help search engines index a site better. Additionally, streamlining navigation by removing pages that are not needed or underperforming can reduce loading time, which in turn improves the quality of a brand's online presence.

If a company processes these elements well in the website, I am convinced that this will lead to more success. Do you also want to increase the success of your website? LightSpeed-IT is happy to help you with this, contact us without obligation!