Why doubling your website's sales may be easier than it sounds:

What is your current conversion rate?

Five percent? Ten?

Don't know this?

A 5% conversion rate means that for every 20 visitors to your site, 19 visitors leave the website without buying anything.

In order to double the turnover of your website, you should therefore grow to a conversion percentage of 10%. Which comes down to:

2 out of 20 website visitors who make a purchase on your website.

Look at it another way: to double your conversion rate,

For example, you can improve your conversion rate in the following places:

(The figure here is 19%, not 25%, because each percentage growth outweighs past improvements.)

In this example we assume that the number of visitors will remain the same, but this can of course also grow!

Would you like to know more about Conversion Optimization?

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Every bit helps

These numbers may sound daunting, but to increase your landing page conversion rate by, say, 19%:

Is just an improvement of 1.76% on ten aspects of your website page enough.

For example, these improvements could be:

Measuring = Knowing

By getting a good insight into what your visitors do on your website, where they drop out and when they decide to buy something. Can we think of even better follow-up experiments that could yield something?

With conversion optimization we then test potential improvements, half of the visitors see the old version, and the other half of the visitors see a new version.

If it turns out that the new version shows a difference in purchases or quotation requests, we will implement that change. In order to then work towards an increasingly successful website.

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Things to think about when building a website

The purpose of the website

When a website is built with a purpose in mind, companies can set clearer goals that help them improve the entire planning process. Website projects can serve a variety of purposes, including driving traffic and improving communication between a brand and its target audience, educating people, or bringing in more customers.

Before developing a website, it is crucial to know the exact purpose of the website. Businesses also need to know the best way to set goals and create a website that fulfills this ultimate goal. These important things to consider will help them better understand the project's requirements and wants.

Web design and layout

The way a website is designed, in terms of user interface and user experience, psychologically influences the way people react to it. There is nothing better than a remarkable online user experience. When developing a website, a vital factor to keep in mind is to create an attractive design. Clean, unique, high-quality designs allow website visitors to focus on the valuable content and essence of the brand or company.


How the text looks has more influence on the website visitor than many people think. Texts that are extremely large or small can have an effect on viewers' reaction to them. Pay close attention to fonts and choose one that instantly appeals to the target audience without compromising the brand's purpose.


Many websites fall prey to hackers, either through ignorance or poor maintenance. Every website can fall victim to various threats, including malware and viruses, especially due to the latest technological advancements and constant updates that expose websites to many different risks.

Performance and speed

Even if websites have great content, visitors can be discouraged if they are slow due to feature errors. An optimized website that functions quickly can benefit from the following:

A fast website is therefore something that you as a website owner should definitely want.

Target group / target market

It is also important for companies to know their target market and customer requirements so that they can work on a website that meets their needs. For example, a website designed for fashion enthusiasts is completely different from a site built for tech professionals. A clear understanding of the market specifications will give a clearer idea of the web design, colors, style theme, layout, call to action and content strategy that will work.

SEO and important plugins

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important aspects of a website. Even with great content and other smooth functionalities, everything will be meaningless if the website doesn't get any visitors. Creating a website with clean SEO code makes it easier to be visible to the target audience.

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