The 7 Best Free Stock Photos Websites

What are stock photos?

Why you can't use every image on your website

Copyrights, licenses.

These are the best websites for free stock photos in 2021

1. Unsplash

There are tons of free stock photos available on Unsplash, lots of product images, and the photos are uploaded by professionals. The navigation and search function of the website also work very well, we usually quickly find a photo on this website that we want to use.

2. Pexels

At Pexels you can choose between many categories that give a certain feeling or have a certain atmosphere.

3. Pixabay


5. Free images

6. Wallhaven

This website is more focused on Games and Digital Art, this website is a forum around photos that fall into this category.

7. Flickr

You must pay attention to whether the photo has a 'Public Domain Dedication' or 'Public Domain Mark' license on this website, otherwise you may not be able to use the photo commercially. (the link above points to the page with photos that are free to use.)

Bonus website:

Tineye Labs

Tineye labs is different from the other websites mentioned, because this website lets you search images based on color. Very useful if you want to stick to a certain color scheme on the website and want to find suitable images.