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LightSpeed-IT helps companies realize smart, fast & efficient IT solutions.

Services & Expertise

WordPress Website Design & Development

At LightSpeed-IT you get a web developer who responds to emails and messages, finishes the project well, thinks about the possibilities & is your partner in crime to help your company grow faster.
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WordPress Hosting, Management & Maintenance

You no longer have to worry about how the website works, allowing you to focus on what you are good at. In the meantime, the website continues to do what it is intended for.
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IT Consultancy & Advice

From brief and useful advice to a complete plan of approach and implementation, LightSpeed-IT is happy to offer you as much or as little help as you need with tailor-made advice.
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What can  LightSpeed-IT  mean to you?

Your problem may require a unique solution or working method. We specialize in custom IT solutions. LightSpeed-IT is open-minded and can adapt well to what is needed to successfully complete your project.
You will be involved in the project and we will communicate clearly about the progress of the project.
Clean & efficient code
LightSpeed-IT works on the basis of best practices and we are ready  informed of new developments regarding our expertise.

Our method

Working together with LightSpeed-IT usually looks like this:
Discuss project
Determining wishes and requirements
Set up project board
Working in an organized manner
Based on best practices
Improve & maintain
Improvement is always possible
A good start

Discuss project

A project starts with determining the wishes and requirements. In a no-obligation intake conversation we discuss what is possible and afterwards LightSpeed-IT provides an estimate of the costs.
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The best task management tool

ClickUp project board

In this project board we keep track of the tasks that need to be done. For you this is a 'live track and trace board' on the development work that has already been done and what still needs to be done. That way we both always have a good overview of how far we are with a project. 

We can also both respond to each task to, for example, ask for feedback, ask questions or provide updates.
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Computer programming


All technological wishes and requirements of the project are programmed in this phase. This is where your project really comes to life. By means of the project board you can constantly see exactly how far the project is in development.
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Improve & maintain

After delivery you may need support or if you have new ideas, if you want the project will go into the further development phase after delivery, then I am available when you need me.

At LightSpeed-IT we believe that a website is never completely finished, improvements are always possible. We like to think along about improvements.
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About me

Hi! I'm Diego. And I am happy to help you take your project to the next level.

During my student days I tried to develop myself as much as possible, not only by studying, but also by gaining many side activities, courses and experience. In addition to my studies, I have worked on many different projects, I have gained a lot of work experience at different companies where I have grown enormously, and then I started this company out of passion.
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